Ruffles, Repair & Ritual: the Fine Art of Fixing is a multifaceted exhibition in conjunction with the inauguration of the Wedding Cake House, an artist in residence quarters which will complement the feminist residency program and facilities at the Dirt Palace’s current location in Olneyville Square. The exhibition is supported by an Andy Warhol grant and consists of 150 artists exhibiting/presenting, 25 for time-based media. The art-works span from commissions for long-term installations throughout the house, two-dimensional artworks, video/performance/time-based projects, to literary arts and historical research.

Ruffles, Repair & Ritual time based media exhibition + performance & screenings at the Wedding Cake House & RISD Museum
co-curated by Anabel Vázquez Rodríguez & J.R. Uretsky
May 18th exhibition opening reception
June 8-9, 2019 Video at RISD
June 22, 2019 performances at Wedding Cake House
August 15, 2019 performance and screening RISD
October 17, 2019 Single Channel Screening RISD Metcalf Theatre
Dirt Palace Public Projects, Providence, RI

Time-based Artists:
Alicia Rodríguez Alvisa
Ayana Evans
Chrissy Wolpert/Assembly of Light
Cody Ross
Dana Heng
Daniella Ben-bassat
Greta Scheing
Jessie Stead
Jo Dery
Jodie Mack
Joiri Minaya
Kelly Gallagher
Lani Asuncion
Maralie Amstrong
Marsha Parilla
Megan & Murray McMillan
Michelle Handelman
Mimi Chrzanowski
Rachel Blumberg
Rashin Fahandej
Rebecca Mitchell
Sandrine Schaefer
Shey Rivera
Sherente Harris
k faileru

image: Daniella Ben-bassat's set up is on the foreground of our first solstice performance program at the Wedding Cake House grounds on June 22, 2019.