Esconde Nido
Esconde Nido

Ephemeral collage & text from my contribution for LEAVING, a beautiful publication by DEMONS PRESS Muchísimas gracias Xander Marro for the invitation to participate <3

"Freedom's just another word for legs with a mind of their own. Fantastic book for travel and plotting escape plans! Sometimes you just have to go, and/or sometimes you look around and realize that you've been left behind.

As part three of a book series that presents thematic collections of writing & pictures by visual artists, musicians, performers, and people who have some affiliation with a broad and vaguely defined "world of art", DMNS presents: Leaving. Perfect bound. 184 pages, RISO printed silkscreened cover on flocked paper. Contributors = a stacked deck of mostly Rhode Islanders past/present/future: Paul McCarthy, Sam Lopes, Rick Benjamin, Kevin Hooyman, Jacob Khepler, Ron Rege Jr, Maren Jensen, Jo Dery, Jieun Reiner, Jim Drain, Cybele Colins, Anabel Vázquez Rodríguez, Jed Hancock & Rebecca Noon, Erik Ruin, Rebecca Seimering, S. Hollis Mickey, J.R. Uretsky, Dailen Willliams, Bob Arellano, Jim Frain, Mark Baumer, and Alan Powell.

Demons (DMNS) is a small press project that publishes one curated collection of writing and pictures annually. Each publication is loosely organized around a specific theme. Books are risograph printed and perfect bound in limited editions. The focus of the press is to publish work by visual artists, musicians and performers who have a literary practice and work by writers with a connection to the worlds of visual art/music/performance. Its goal is to to chronicle art-based subcultures, and present narratives--tall tales, memoirs, imagined worlds, fabulous lies, visions, and legends--of a subset of people who live in a way that is often far outside of the mainstream.

While the scope of the DMNS press project is not expressly to present Rhode Island writers and artists, there is a specific local sensibility. DMNS has an interest in making books that patchwork together a sense of the psychic cloud of experience and consciousness that hovers over this region and documenting this in a way that is unique to writing and drawing. It is also intended to be a community building project as there are intrinsically connective fibers in the muscle memories of shared texts. With this in mind the majority of the writers/artists included are Rhode Islanders past/present/future or have some connection to the region.