Based on their recent performance, titled: "I'll See You in C-U-B-A", Anabel Vázquez (b. Puerto Rico) and Ian Deleón (b. Miami) continue their exploration of nostalgia and mourning as it relates to the historical separation and lingering colonial exploitation of the Caribbean. Channeling both of their fathers' psychologies and referencing the films The Seventh Seal, and At Land, the artists play a symbolic game of dominos, while listening to melodramatic spanish language bolero songs ("corta venas") and sipping problematically-marketed drinks such as Bacardi's Cuba Libre and Pepsi's Old Colony soda. The performance reflects on the ambiguous levels of sovereignty present in supposed "post-colonial" Caribbean lands, as well as the pervasive attitude of apathy in the North American continent, which paralyzes their parents' generation as well as their own.

During the course of the performance, an improvisational moment, in which the artists exchanged drinks, yielded the creation of a unique Caribbean cocktail steeped in colonial history. Old Colony grape soda was mixed with Bacardi rum and lime juice to create a perversion of the Cuba Libre, which we called: "El Estado Libre Asociado"--a reference to Puerto Rico's ambiguous commonwealth status and the language manipulation used by the U.S. to keep the island under their control.

performed on July 22, 2013 at NEXUSURNEXUS, a group show curated by Hector Canonge for the Brooklyn Intl Performance Art Festival @ Fitness in Bushwick, NY

featured in Hyperallergic

The songs:
"Cuba es Así" by El Trío Los Panchos
"En Mi Viejo San Juan" by Trío Vegabajeño
"Nosotros" by Eydie Gormé & El Trío Los Panchos
"Olas y Arenas" by Sylvia Rexach & Tutti Umpierre
"Inolvidable" by Tito Rodríguez